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Hi Guys!

Oh my god! I’ve been sooo busy and totally lost track of time regarding this blog.

I’ve come to realize that I don’t have as much time for writing as I’d hoped for. Therefore, I’ve created a Facebook page called “Journeywithjuniorcom”. I will from now on have more focus on this page as I use Facebook more than WordPress, unfortunately.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll forget all about WordPress and this amazing tool – I will still drop by, whenever I’ve got the time and inspiration to write something else!

Dublin, Ireland

Besides the new Facebook page, everything is going absolutely amazing here in Dublin, Ireland. It’s mid-november and it is getting COLD!
Not that I’m complaining, I really like the cold – much more than the 40 degree weather!

Work is getting busier as we are getting closer to year end. I was allowed to fly back to Denmark for Christmas, which I’m very happy about – but I gotta spend New Years in Dublin, which is going to be excited.

Photoing and videographyย 

Ever since I bought my Zhiyun Gimble a few months ago I’ve really tried to make some more videos for YouTube (find link below).

My passion for taking photos and making videos has exploded! So far I’ve created about 5-6 videos with much more to come.


I went to Edinburgh, Scotland not too long ago and was supposed to go to Brussels, Belgium this month – but as I do not trust Ryanair anymore, I decided not to go.

I’m looking to really explore Ireland over the next couple of months and sometime in January or February go on a weeks trip to somewhere, but nothing has been decided yet – for now we’re focusing on this beautiful country called Ireland.

Yesterday I went on a 20 km “hike” to the Poolbeg Lighthouse, which was a great experience. I guess this is what happens, when you’re not out drinking and being hungover on saturday!23760173_10212114111742033_408055167_o.jpg

Rap up

Guys! This was just a quick post from me. I hope you are all doing well and is enjoying these beautiful winter months.

Please go and follow my Facebook “Journeywithjuniorcom” or my YouTube channel (link above).

Thank you!


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