Why I Love Solo Travelling

Hey guys!

Today I want to narrow down 5 reasons to why I love travelling alone.


#1 You’re your own boss.

How cool is this? You can actually be your own boss. You decide what is going to happen and you decide what is not going to happen. This way, you do everything you want to do and nothing you don’t want to do.

You are the boss, the decisionmaker, and the coordinator – three very good skills to have in any situation after your travels.

#2 The confidence booster.

Oh the confidence! Once you’ve proved to yourself that you can do this,when you get the “I did it”-feeling – I promise you, your confidence will reach a whole other level.

You get to show the world, and most importantly yourself, that you are awesome and that you can take care of yourself in unfamiliar situations in new environments – all by yourself! High-five to you!


#3 Being “alone” isn’t that bad.

I believe in travelling “alone”. Let me tell you a secret – unless you find yourself in the middle of the desert or in a jungle, you’re usually not alone afterall.

Some times being alone is the best gateway to being more social. Like I wrote in another post, if you travel in groups, you tend to stick together and meeting new people might not happen as easy as if you were alone. Again, I’m not saying that travelling in groups is a bad thing!

Also, if you travel alone, you really get to knowΒ you. I’m sure, you will see another you, when putting yourself in a new light or watching yourself from another angle. Having the time to just focus on you, can be a very good thing for many people – me included.

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself” – David Mitchell.

#4 No Drama.

Of course, some people have the ability to find drama everywhere and of course you can sometimes argue with yourself – but at least it’s easier to make peace with yourself instead of one or more travel buddies.

#5 Home is everywhere.

You get to know new places. You get to know that home doesn’t neccessarily have to be a specific place, but a feeling. Realizing that you can go anywhere and still “be home” away from home will help you later on in your life when having to choose what you want to do.


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