“The Dream”

Hi guys!
Today I gave myself a challenge. Not an easy one, because my mind changes a lot regarding this topic. I wanted to figure out, what my dream is.


As mentioned, this is a very difficult subject for me, as my mind and dreams travels faster anything else. On Friday my life was a dream, because I’d just got paid. Two days ago my dream was something else good happening that day, and today it is something totally different.

Yesterday, I wanted to figure out, what my actual dream was. Of course, yesterday wasn’t the first time I thought of this, but I didn’t have this blog until sunday!
Some people might have that dream of having a perfect body, some migth have a dream of the perfect family, living in a certain place, making a certain amount of money etc. I’m not going to lie – it does sound quite amazing, if you could have just one of those things, right?


I had plenty of time at work today, so I did have the time to try and knockle down some words and brainstorm a little, but it didn’t have the greatest effect on what I was going to write here. I tried to focus on the subject in the Luas (the transportation in Dublin) on the way home from work – about 20 minutes – and I still didn’t come up with what was my ultimate dream.

Then I went to the gym, where I didn’t think much, but still looked around at the people and figured, that todays dream was to talk to somebody new. Somebody I hadn’t talked to before. Therefore, I went over to one of the guys I’ve been in the gym with a lot of times, but never talked to and asked him for his name – Matt.


Matt is an englishman in Dublin to work – just like me – I didn’t really get any more information about him since we were in the gym to workout, but now I know that this guys is Matt, and he knows that I’m Rasmus. Who knows, maybe we’ll talk some more at some point, maybe grab a beer, or even be gym-bros at one point.

As for today, I managed to fulfil my dream. Just to be clear, it is not my dream to talk to new people every day and ask them for stupid things like their names and where they’re from – or is it?

Live simply. Dream big. Be grateful. Give love. Laugh Lots.

Would it be so bad? Of course I would love to make 100k a year, drive a fancy car, have the fancy “bod” or something else. But would it really be so bad, if you could meet and talk to one new person everyday? If that would take me to new places some time, then hell yea, that would be my dream. Why not continue to strive to meet new people, grow your network, maybe even inspire new people or even better – get inspired yourself. I already went to Dublin, and I meet Matt and a lot of other new awesome people, why not continue to meet new people every day?

That would be awesome. That would be the dream..



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