My tips on how to approach the unknown!

My tips for you on how to approach life abroad. 


For some people it might be a huge step just to go on a vacation. For others, it’s hard to stay at home. Other people pack their bags and move away from their safety net without a second thought.

But exactly how can you improve your skills, when it comes to approaching a new life abroad? This can be used for both a short vacation, or physically move your entire life somewhere else.

1. Do your homework – fail to plan or plan to fail

My most important tip, especially if you’re moving to another country,  is to do your homework. For some people this isn’t necessary, for others it’s a good way to mentally prepare yourself for what is going to happen.

It’s a good thing to study the environment, the people,  or even figuring out where you want to be, before you go there.

E.g. before I moved to Dublin, I had already found my Gym, already found the hostel that I would stay at until I found my own place, narrowed down which areas of Dublin I wanted to live in and which I didn’t. Researched the renting/housing situation etc. All of this to mentally prepare me for what was going to happen within the next month or two.
This can also be a big help if you’re afraid of going abroad for a vacation, or maybe just like to plan ahead!


2. Don’t be afraid 

I just cannot state enough how important is it to not fear the unknown. I know it sounds annoying if you really are scared of travelling, but with the common sense I know you have, there really isn’t much to be scared of. Of course, you can come across places, people, or situations that might seem a bit off your comfort zone, but with the right mentality and use of common sense – I’m confident that most of this can be avoided.

I’ve used common sense, or at least tried to, during all of my trips, both vacations and when I’ve moved to another country, and I haven’t had any significant situations where I’ve been scared.

My best advice is to go for it, to be very cliché – you only live once – and you don’t want to hold yourself back, because you’re scared of the unknown.

I once read the quote:

“Truths of travelling: Everyone is scared about travelling – before they go”


3. Be open

That’s easy for you to say“. Yes, it is – but it’s true.

If you want to have more memories that will last for ever – this is not only about travelling, but life in general – you’ll have to be open. Open, to try new things, meeting new people, and be open to the fact, that you cannot control everything.

One of my best advice for people travelling or just in general life, is to be open. Especially when it comes to meeting new people. If you, like me, travel alone, or travelling with a partner, starting a new job, or something else, your whole situation and experience is so much easier and more memorable if you take the first step of getting to know new people. Once, you have taken that first step once, the second time will be much easier and at some point, you’ll be the conversation starter – the one, that people wants to talk to.

I know it can be scary for some people to be the first one to burst out, but what if that person next to you, really wants to talk to you, but too, is afraid to take the first step – just like you? You might miss out on the opportunity of getting a new friend and grow your network.

Be open and don’t be afraid – one simple “hello” can mean the start of something special!

4. To travel alone, or to have a travel partner(s)

If you can relate to any of the tips above, either being scared of travelling, scared of failing, or just hate to be alone – you can always find one or more travel partner(s).

Many people, just like you, have the eager to travel and try something new. There are even sites where you can find travel buddies, if your friends are stupid enough to say no to an adventure!

I travel alone, because I like it. I could travel with a travel partner, but I like freedom when travelling alone. I automatically feel more open to meeting new people, when I travel aloone, where some people tend to stick together if they travel in a group – you could miss out on some serious fun! Not saying, that you cannot meet new people while travelling in a group, of course you can, it’s just a matter of finding the right partner and having the right attitude.

Also, travelling with a partner, you’ll always have someone to share you experience with. You’re never alone and that might give you some comfort and a safe feeling when being in a place, you’ve never been before.

Pick what suits you – I respect both types of travelling more than anything in the world!


Those are four tips that I always carry with me and in the good spirit of my favorite company – Nike – JUST DO IT!


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