Daily thoughts of an Expat

Are you an Expat? Where do you think of home? 


Where is home?

For many people it is very easy to point out exactly where home is. Home, is where your family and friends are. Home, is where you’re born. Home, is where you can relax and be safe. Home, is where your story begins.

Home, noun: “a dwelling place together with the family; an environment offering security and happiness”

But what about those people, who probably do not feel the same way about the country, in which they were born? I have a lot of friends, e.g. from my work here in Dublin, but also just expats, backpackers etc. in general, who cannot point out 100% where home is.

And why is that?

For some people, the meaning of home is reflected by words like; safety, family, warmth, shelter, peace and happiness. But have you ever heard of the saying below?

“Maybe “home” is where you are empowered to create your own experiences”

Or maybe, “home is where your heart is”?

Even though you probably, just like me, always will have your family and the majority of your friends in one place, this place doesn’t necessarily have to be the only home you have.
I’m a massive fan of having more than one home. My home is where I live, my home is where my gym is, where I work and where I sleep – where I daydream and where I plan my future plans. My home doesn’t have to be the same for years, but can change within a heartbeat. And I know some of you feel the same way and some of you don’t. Denmark will always be my home home, but at the moment, Dublin is my home. In 2013 Lisbon was my home, in 2010 London was my home and who knows – next month – what I call home, can be somewhere totally different. I don’t know, and I love that feeling.

Why call just one place home, when you can have safety, warmth, shelter, peace and happiness so many other places in the world?



Of course, if you have a hard time pointing out your home, it can be hard to be patriotic about this place. But you’ll probably always have a place or two, you’re a bit more patriotic about.

For me, that place is Denmark.

When I’m in Denmark, I’m constantly thinking about what is “out there” and what I could be doing instead of being here. Guess you can say I’m a bit bored, when walking around the city of Aalborg where I’ve been most of my life.

But after moving abroad again, I’ve started feeling more and more patriotic about my country – my home home. Always, when talking about Denmark with new people, Denmark is all of a sudden the best country in the world.

A month ago, I travelled back to Denmark for a short vacation. When I landed in the airport I was so proud of my passport, like, “this is my home and I’m proud of it”.

Even thought you live abroad, as an expat, as a backpacker, or something else, and people question your love of your country – explain to them, that moving outside your country’s border, sometimes can boost your patriotism to another level – even though it might sound strange to some people.


Just some daily thoughts I wanted to share. Take care!



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