What about your family and friends?

“What about your family and friends?”, “Why would you leave Denmark?!”, “I don’t understand how you can do it”… 

I think you can relate to this, if you’ve ever moved abroad!

I’ve moved abroad a couple of times now, and most of the people around me knows, that this is what I want to do. Still, every single day I have people questioning my reasons. I’m often asked the “why’s” and the “how can you leave your family and friends”, but the most common question I get, when I mention that I’m from Denmark is – “Why would you leave Denmark?!”. 

All I can reply is, why not?

People tend to know, that we, the danish people, are very lucky people – country-wise. We have everything, every one wants. We pay high taxes, but that gives us free education, free healthcare and a lot of other benefits – we even get paid to attend school!

Can you believe it?

For some people it sounds to good to be true – and it probably is – but for some people in Denmark, it just gets too easy. This said without sounding arrogant or anything, but it really is too easy to live in Denmark. There are no challenges. So people will argue with me and say that there are challenges, but that is usually people who has never been anywhere else than in Denmark. Of course, you can run into challenges, but compared to the challenges you can find elsewhere in the world – danish people are more than safe.

It is my impression, that that’s the reason why most of the danish people abroad have or will travel – to see what life is like outside the safe haven we call Denmark.


But what about the family and friends, then? Do I miss them, do I sometimes want to go home and be with them? Yes, but I wouldn’t give up my wanderlust life for a safe haven.
I miss all my friends and my family and I sure hope they miss me too – after all, it is my home and it is where I’ve spend the majority of my life.

Also, me moving abroad has meant something for my family as well. When I lived in Lisbon, they came down to me and celebrated Christmas. In a couple of months, they are going to travel to Dublin to celebrate my birthday. My family supports me all the way and they want me to travel, because they know, it is what I want, plus it makes them more travelled people too – I’m not sure they would’ve ever went to Lisbon or Dublin if it wasn’t because I lived there – so I like to see that as a major positive thing. The same thing counts for my friends.

So yea, you ask me why I would move away from my safe haven, from my family and friends, hell, why even take the risk – you don’t know what is out there. But let me ask you, why would you only stay in one place? Life is too short to do the same thing, day in – day out, for your entire life. You don’t know how long you’re going to last – why settle for what you have, when there is so much more? We have all the possibilities in the world to see so many beautiful places, meet so many amazing people and try something new every day.

Why wouldn’t you?


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