Born to be a wanderluster?


Wanderlust, noun; A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel

Have you ever seen the movie Step Up 3D?

I saw this movie many years ago (it came out in 2010), and I always kept one thing in mind – one sentence, that has always been following me where ever I have been.

In the movie,  the main character, Jason, mention that he is “born from a boombox”.

For those of you who do not know this movie, it’s a movie about dancing. People living for the art of dancing – dedicating their lives to dancing, music and improving their skill within this field. Amazing movies and I find them really inspiring myself – but especially that one sentence – “born from a boombox” – of course, in the movie, referring to the love of music and dancing that Jason and his crew has.

But why? Are we all born for something special, something that was decided before we even joined this world of ours?
Of course, we see it everywhere, right? In sports, music and even in some peoples desire to travel and try something new every day.

Can you be born a wanderluster? Can you be born and instantly be willing to dedicate your life to travelling and exploring the unknown?


Even though, I’m not the most travelled person in the world – far from – I still feel like I’ve always had the desire, motivation and willingness to do more, to try more and felt the daily eager to travel.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been up for visiting new places. In school, when they offered to go abroad for study trips, or at work for company visits – the trips abroad was always what motivated me to do better.

My ultimate bucketlist goal is to visit every state of America before I die. I’ve only visited a few so far, but I’m definitely going to do everything I can to reach that goal.

Last summer, my parent gave me (and of course my family) the ultimate gift. They gave me the opportunity to plan a 3 week roadtrip around America. They gave me the opportunity to cross of two states – California and Nevada – and they really made my desire of travelling even bigger.

So yes, I do believe that we are able to be born a wanderluster. Did you know, there is even a scientific gene called DRD4 or “the wanderlust gene”!?


Some people are born to dance, some people are born to work, and some people are born to travel. I believe, I have the wanderlust gene in me and I’m happy that I do, because this gene, the desire and the lust of travelling is going to give me so much motivation and desire to do more, and to explore more. This gene is going to make me meet new people, see new places, try exciting things and give me a lot of memories that will last forever.

What do you want to do?



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